The Chaim Holocaust Museum contains a wealth of information for students and adults alike. We had 7th graders and their parents, 9th graders and adults tour the exhibit. Participants were totally engaged with the material, stopping to read long passages to understand the events. The bold headlines and highlighting draw participants’ eyes to major topics giving them a starting place to their learning. Accompanying materials hit the highlights. There are activities for different learning types including those who learn best from pictures, articles and books.

Each group that toured the museum came away with new facts and understandings of a wide variety of topics from life before the war, events that led up to the war, and what we can do living in our present. This is a wonderful exhibit and I cannot wait to book it for next year and present it to an even wider audience in my community. Highly recommend.
— Susan, Synagogue Youth Director - CHAIM 20
This should really be the place to visit and include as a part of Holocaust Studies. It should play a pivotal role in Holocaust education and represents a model as to what can be accomplished with modest means and unlimited passion.
— Shlomit, Jewish Educator
The museum is informational, educational, devastating, but so very important. It brings clarity and understanding of the pressing need for tolerance and it gives encouragement and hope for the future.
— Davida, Jewish Educator
The material is very tastefully presented. Our very own ‘Yad Vashem.’
— Lori, community member - CHAIM 20
Horrific, touching, remembering.
— Bina, community member
This museum makes history cool.
— Rachel, 4th grader
I am so appreciative that you’ve presented these critical historical learnings in such a compelling way. Let us not repeat history and let us never forget. Thank you.
— Steve, community member - CHAIM on the WALL
Speechless and grateful this museum exists.
— Rabbi L. Alexander
Such a comprehensive history in such a small space. Thank you for educating still more people about the Holocaust, its victims, and its heroes.
— Liz - community member - CHAIM 20
Thank you for creating this powerful space. These are not new images, but it feels to me important that it is in the main corridor that the public walks through - soccer players, children, adults of all walks of life. Please keep these memories alive - seek the positives - our righteous that fought for the defenseless, and let it motivate us all to action to stand against hatred and oppression.
— Scott - community members - CHAIM on the WALL
Nice exhibit. Many people can learn from this excellent and informative traveling, Holocaust exhibit. We must never forget what happened when the German Chancellor, government, and SS troops slaughtered countless millions because of their disgusting, heinous racism, and desire to produce a master race. Sadly, the tragedy of the Holocaust is that the majority of the German population watched in silence...the camp guards and commanders who perpetrated the mass murder used the excuse “I was following orders”. It is this attitude which allowed this nightmare to unfold. Today, Americans should take heed!
— Roger - community member - CHAIM 20
Thank you so much for creating this wonderful exhibit. I pledge to do what’s within my reach to be a good role model for others to prevent discrimination of any sort. Thank you!
— Elizabeth - community member - CHAIM 20
Thank you so much for helping me learn so much more. I’ve gotten so much out of this.
— Bethlehem - community member - CHAIM 20
Absolutely amazing set of resources and placement. Thank you for your invaluable work.
— Julian - community member - CHAIM 20
The exhibit showed some unbelieveable facts, facts that you won’t normally see in a history museum. this will now encourage me to find other museums and exhibits and talk about the Holocaust. Th is just so powerful. Thank you for displaying this, I’ve learned something new.
— Zane - community member - CHAIM 20