CHAIM Resources

General Resources for All

Download: 8 Ways to Teach Compassion
Eight ways to help your child or student develop compassion both as a character trait and a behavioral style. (Signe Whitson)

Download: Building Community
Having students and teachers connect to start the day on a positive note and build a stronger community. (Lynn Bechtel)

Download: Can You Teach Compassion?
Research on the origin of compassion. (Dr. Thomas G. Plante)

Download: Helping Young Children Learn to Accept Differences
How do we get young children to accept differences?

Download: How I Teach Children Acceptance
Acceptance of others and teaching your children acceptance starts with you. (Nathalie Brown)

Download: Refuse To Stand Idly By
A classroom lesson plan on ten global crucial issues and social justice actions students can take.

Teacher Resources for Visits and Content

Website: Teach The Shoah: Key Lessons
A thorough guide to some key lessons relating to the Holocaust with included lesson plans.

Download: CHAIM Teacher & Docent Notes
A very general overview of the exhibit and its contents.

Download: CHAIM Mini Guide
Short summary guide for teachers and docents.

Download: CHAIM Student Vocabulary Guide
A vocabulary guide for each station.

Download: CHAIM Vocabulary Match-Up
An interactive matching sheet for students learning the vocabulary.

Download: CHAIM Search for Answers
A comprehensive fact search students take with them as they explore the museum.

Download: CHAIM Search for Answers (Answer Sheet)
The answers to the fact search.

Download: CHAIM Vocabulary Match-Up (Answer Sheet)
The answers to the vocabulary match-up.

Download: CHAIM Reference List
Our references for information we include in our exhibit.