Executive Leadership

For now, our executive leadership consists of the founder of this exhibit and a young entrepreneur who designs and implements the marketing materials and interactive exhibits. The hope is to grow the executive leadership as the project grows.


Iris Bendahan
Founder & Executive Director

Mayer Adelberg
Director of Communications

Visioning Team

The visioning team consists of several people who have an interest in Holocaust education to help bring the idea to fruition. Many of them are children of Holocaust survivors and would love a way to honor the memories of our families.


Ora Avidan Antonir

Bob Bankirer

Ruth Bareket

Ruth Brill

Shlomit Blum

Dorothy Dorsay

Vivian Golub

Helaine Green

Jane Jacobson

Hana Lang

Ruth Litwin

Andrew Pickholtz

Ilona Shechter

Joe Sorger

Rama Strod

Irene Swedroe

Michelle Taylor

Chuck Taubman

Cheryl Zatkin-Steares

Sophie Weinzimmer