Where We're Headed

The Bay Area's ability to teach the community would be enhanced with an interactive museum experience as an immersive way to teach about tolerance and the results of prejudice through the lens of the Holocaust. The JFCS Holocaust Center in San Francisco contains a library, archive, education center and hosts a variety of excellent Holocaust education programs, yet it lacks a museum experience.   The temporary exhibit that has been hosted at Congregation Beth David has grown tremendously, with new information and stories added each year. We are now looking to extend its reach beyond a singular Jewish institution and to the broader Bay Area community, by gathering ideas to envision what a more mobile, travelling exhibit might look like.  The Addison Penzak Jewish Community Center will be the sponsoring agency.

Our Mission

To find the means, both financially and artistically, to design an interactive museum exhibit which can be utilized by California communities (starting with the South Bay and moving outward) to increase awareness of Holocaust history and promotion of TACT - Treating (others with) Acceptance, Compassion and Tolerance - as a means of preventing hatred and genocide in the future.